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Warning to Ex-Employees: Copy, Delete, Get Sued

Here’s a to-do list for your last day at work. (1) Pack up your family photos. (2) Brag to your co-workers about the great benefits you’ll be getting at your new job. (3) Steal and destroy company property, without even getting up from your chair. Well, maybe that...

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Read Before you Sign

Here’s a good way to create work for your favorite lawyer: sign legal documents without reading them first. One of our partners was reminded of this when he went to the hospital for some minor surgery on his knee. At the check-in desk, a helpful young lady asked him...

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There are very few things that gall a business owner more than being stiffed for the price of goods sold or services rendered. One of them is paying a lawyer to chase down the missing money. As a result, when a client contacts a lawyer about pursuing this type of...

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How to Discourage Your Employees From Stealing Your Company

It happens more often than you think: employees stealing the owner’s company. Not stealing from the company. Stealing the company. Could it happen to you? Picture this real-world scenario. An entrepreneur starts a new business. Early on, she hires a talented go-getter...

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